Friday, February 27, 2009


Well we made it folks. Good job on that.
I thought this was a pretty funny response to junk mail.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


How much does it cost to watch a football game on your computer? Apparently about $28,000. Ouch.
I just got email from the driving simulator folks. They want people to volunteer to show up and drink a bunch of alcohol and then drive an $80 million video game. Oh, and then they pay you for it and drive you home. Yea, I sent an application in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ballmer calls Apple a competitor for OS, but not smartphones
That guy just continues to make no sense to me. HERE

Monday, February 23, 2009


I had the day off and spent all of it finishing up the router table fence. It is not quite done, but I got it built and the rails cut into the top and installed the aluminum channel. Should finish it up tomorrow. Pictures to follow.
Billie Joe is a bit cranky here.
 Found that video HERE. There are others there also.


Ever wonder what your news anchors do during those commercial breaks? I always thought the WGN guy was really stuffy. Good stuff.

Then there are these guys. I really feel bad for the girl, but I had to laugh also.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday. With fixed link (thanks steve)

Not too much to report since I went back to work today and did not get home until the day was practically over.
I thought this was a kind of funny story and written in a cute fashion. HERE

Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday. Boo. Yea, that is right. It is my last day of vacation. Spent most of the day making the fence for my router table. It is drying up now but I probably won't get back to it until Monday since I work late this weekend. That sucks up the whole day. Bleh. It turned out well. I had some of the laminate flooring left over so I used that for the face of the fence. That stuff is slick and will never wear out so it is ideal.
From The Joy Of Tech....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Still off today. Did not get much done again, but it was nice. I think I have the router fence figured out and will start it tonight or may wait until tomorrow so I make so much noise since I won't get started until after dinner. I really miss my old shop.
Does the grass gauge work on this truck?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Later that same Tuesday...

I just watched a really cool video about the new rules in F1 racing. It is sponsored by Red Bull and the graphics on it are quite impressive. I had heard that some teams were going to capture lost kinetic energy and they mention that. Just go watch it already. Sheeez.
Here is what you do with that extra touch screen 103 inch LCD display. Play air hockey, naturally.
Well I found out today that I won my lawsuit against Apple. Yea, it turns out that I was involved in a class action against Apple over the iPod we got Tim for Christmas about 3 years ago. Remember back then when dumb asses were putting their iPod's in their pockets and they were getting scratched? Turns out that it was Apple's fault that people were not smart enough not to put them in with their keys and coins. So now all this time later, they settled and if I send in the claim, I will get either $10 or $15 back. The lawyers, on the other hand, will get 2.5 million dollars, plus another $200,000 for court costs because they surely could not pay that out of the 2.5 huge.
That is such a bunch of crap. I wonder how many people still have those Nanos 3 years later? Tim does. His is in perfect shape. He is not stupid and took care of it. But it it were scratched, what good would $10 do him? Morons.


Got the paint done and the furniture back in place. *whew* Today I am kind of in a slump. Been going full speed for a few days and now I am not knowing what to do with myself. I have been on the computer all morning playing with sketchup and looking on the web trying to get the design done for the wall unit. Mary wants me to do the coffee table first, and that makes sense, but then another snag. We saw some tables that have lift up tops that at first seem kind of cheezy, but when you think about it, they would be cool. Something like this:

Mary likes to do puzzles and it would be great for that, and also sometime munching in front of the TV in the afternoons or whatever. So I thought I would go to Rockler and price the hardware. I figured $60-$80. Nope. Try around $200. OUCH. So now I am trying to figure out if a person (me) could make the supports out of wood.
Anyhow, here are some photos of what we have gotten done so far...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mary and I got a lot done today. We got the rest of the floor in. That went really well. Then we went to Menard's to feed the economy some more and got paint and we both worked on that today. I am on vacation tomorrow so I will spend the day doing second coats, replacing trim, and installing a chair rail. I really want it to be done so I can see how it will turn out. I think it will look nice.

Microsoft in innovating the way we do things again. They are going to open an ap store for mobile devices that will make it easy to download programs to their "smart" phones. They are also going to add touch screen functionality to their software. But it is not ready yet.
Way to go guys. Once again you are already a year behind. Once again you are bragging up a bunch of crap that you will release in the future that somebody (usually Apple) has already done. And once again despite learning from others mistakes, you will probably totally screw it up. LINK

Speaking of MS: Here is a really good article. Okay, it is really dumb. He lists the top 10 things that Microsoft had happen that were bad luck. Them launching XP on 9/11.. that was bad luck for them. But the rest are just things that the competition did or things that they screwed up.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's day. Mary and I spent the day tearing out carpet and then taking it to the dump. When I was paying at the dump the guy said, "Is this your Valentine's date?" Cute. Then we picked up the flooring and got a pretty good start on putting it in. We should finish that tomorrow.
Here is a great name for a pub:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wed 2.0 we have a winner

I figured that Steve would be the one to get the reference I madeto the movie Duel since he knows that kind of stuff and also he is one of 2 people that actually read this thing.
Hey, Paul's Vally OK made the tech blogs this week. That is where my mom and dad live. Now they are famous for something besides spitting watermelon seeds. (that was a question in trivial pursuit that I got right at a party years ago)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You know it is time for a new profession when you cut your arm off. Especially after the second time you cut the same arm off. STORY

Tuesday 2.0

I got this link in the mail from my FIL. Pretty amazing stuff. If you go there, check out the links at the bottom of the page. There is a link video of the fly-by there. Some other cool links too.
This turned out the be a perfect day. 60 plus degrees!!!!!!!! I got up and played Gears of War2 for a bit and then got busy. I cleaned out my truck and washed it and put the vacuum to it. Then I went to the library to get some books for ideas on the cabinets I am going to build. I want to do some nice trim work on them and so I grabbed a bunch of books and will look through them tonight. When I got out of the library I was right across the street from where Mary works so I called her and she took an early lunch. Arby's. Yummmm. I went to the store and got a bunch of meat which I am going to put on the grill here soon. Then I cleaned up the mess on the table saw (as seen in previous photo). As I was driving home from the grocery store in my clean truck with the window down The Boys Are Back In Town came on the iPod and I cranked it up. Now I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time: I am sitting out on the screen porch watching the sunset and typing on my Macbook Pro.
Sometimes it is just really good to be me.
I just got mail from Mary that Jeremy Lusk died today. I kind of follow freestyle MX and know of him so that is really sad. I can't believe that more of them don't get killed. That stuff is just nuts. here is the video if you feel you need to see it. Yea, I did.
I got a thing from Qwest on the door today saying that fiber optic internet is available here now. They say 12Mb/sec for the same as I am paying for 8 with Mediacom, and for $10 more a month you get 20Mb/sec. I was thinking that I don't really need that extra speed too much and I don't want to change my email address. I am curious, however, what the upload speed is. Mediacom is SO lame about that. So when I got the flyer I got on the internet to look it up and Mediacom was slow as hell and it still is now. I think their timing is not the best. I will think about it for a while.
I reset the modem and I am going faster now :-) Hey there was a cel phone reunion!
When geeks make cookies.
Mary is watching the incredible hulk (original series) on TV right now. The chase scenes look familiar to me. Anybody else recognize the vehicles in this show from Stephen Speilberg's first movie?


Well it is 05:00, I have the day off, and I am up. This is how I usually start my days off. I wake up way too early just out of habit and so I get up. Then about an hour later I take a nap. I know it is silly, but it works for me. I am just surfing around waiting to get tired enough to sleep a little more.
How would you like to find this Bugatti in a barn?
I have been working on a jig to cut box joints on the table saw. I made it so that the face can be taken off and I can put others on to cut different spacings, or whatever, and not have to keep building the sled part. There are dowels that reference it back to center. I drilled them through from the back of the vertical support so that if I put another face on it, I can drill through that and have a perfect alignment. The joints turned out perfect and I was really happy with it. I needed something to try it on, so I just used some pine I had lying around. We had photos in a tupperware bread box and so I made it to replace that. After the first cut I remembered that you need a backer board to eliminate tearout in the back piece. You can see that on the table saw. Heck, you can see a lot on the tablesaw. I kind of stopped putting things away as I got near the end of the project. You can also see my fancy rip fence on the router table. I really need to make a real one. I wanted to get this done so when I build the furniture for upstairs I can make these joints on drawers.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Left work early today because it was a slow day and I have tomorrow off. Sweet. I am working on making a jig for making box joints on the table saw with a dado stack. I got the sled part done and am trying to make it so that I can attach other jigs to the front of it for different things so I don't have to keep making that part over.
Naturally I love the Woz. He is the number 1 geek of all time as far as I am concerned. His book is really good if you want something to read. Anyhow, the idea of him being on Dancing With the Stars does not sound like a good idea. We shall see I guess.
I found this really amusing. A collection of letters sent to corporate headquarters of major corporations. Some of them are really funny and all are well written. It is fun to see the response to them. Well done, sir.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Gotta work the weekend, so Friday is not such a big deal. 49 degrees, however, is a very big deal. Feels great outside.
I drove by the Liberty Tax lady that I mentioned a few days ago. She was out there waving and dancing like a fool and making the best of the situation. I waved back. Then I saw the guy about 15 feet from her with a sign begging for money. There is just something wrong with that.
A friend of mine has a son in high school. They are doing a project about business. They start a business and they make a product and then sell it. His son sold literally 2x more then the other 14 students combined. Most sold none. Even after he found out that they had to split the profits evenly he is still selling them. He likes it. He also wrote a letter to his teacher telling him what a great lesson he learned about how socialism works. :-) I thought that was pretty sharp.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Had the day off and took care of a lot of things. I got the flooring ordered today and it should be in stock in time to work on it next weekend when I start a bit of a vacation.
failblog is one of my new favorite sites. They brought you this:

I understand why "the man" would not think this is funny, but I got a chuckle out of hacked road signs.
I thought this video was cool. Putting corn starch and water on a speaker. But the funny thing was the ad placement that went with it: an ad for nasal congestion relief. You have to see the video to understand why that was really odd.
I find this kind of sad. With the time that this kid wasted mastering this game and the money mom and dad spent replacing all of the little plastic guitars, they could have bought a strat and he could have learned it. Really nice use of the F* bomb in front of your 14 year old kid also, dad.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Have you seen this Mii? Too funny. I hope that people don't start to stereotype all miis as criminals. Most are peaceful folks.