Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday 2.0

I got this link in the mail from my FIL. Pretty amazing stuff. If you go there, check out the links at the bottom of the page. There is a link video of the fly-by there. Some other cool links too.
This turned out the be a perfect day. 60 plus degrees!!!!!!!! I got up and played Gears of War2 for a bit and then got busy. I cleaned out my truck and washed it and put the vacuum to it. Then I went to the library to get some books for ideas on the cabinets I am going to build. I want to do some nice trim work on them and so I grabbed a bunch of books and will look through them tonight. When I got out of the library I was right across the street from where Mary works so I called her and she took an early lunch. Arby's. Yummmm. I went to the store and got a bunch of meat which I am going to put on the grill here soon. Then I cleaned up the mess on the table saw (as seen in previous photo). As I was driving home from the grocery store in my clean truck with the window down The Boys Are Back In Town came on the iPod and I cranked it up. Now I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time: I am sitting out on the screen porch watching the sunset and typing on my Macbook Pro.
Sometimes it is just really good to be me.
I just got mail from Mary that Jeremy Lusk died today. I kind of follow freestyle MX and know of him so that is really sad. I can't believe that more of them don't get killed. That stuff is just nuts. here is the video if you feel you need to see it. Yea, I did.
I got a thing from Qwest on the door today saying that fiber optic internet is available here now. They say 12Mb/sec for the same as I am paying for 8 with Mediacom, and for $10 more a month you get 20Mb/sec. I was thinking that I don't really need that extra speed too much and I don't want to change my email address. I am curious, however, what the upload speed is. Mediacom is SO lame about that. So when I got the flyer I got on the internet to look it up and Mediacom was slow as hell and it still is now. I think their timing is not the best. I will think about it for a while.
I reset the modem and I am going faster now :-) Hey there was a cel phone reunion!
When geeks make cookies.
Mary is watching the incredible hulk (original series) on TV right now. The chase scenes look familiar to me. Anybody else recognize the vehicles in this show from Stephen Speilberg's first movie?


Armpit Studios said...

The close-up of the shock wave is incredible. I've never seen that phenomenon, only the water being disturbed below or the air turning to vapor over the wings or behind the canopy.

Armpit Studios said...

That's the Duel truck! I wonder if they recycled any of the actual movie footage, since that was a made for TV movie. Speaking of being cheap, I've seen the same clip used in probably half the episodes of S.W.A.T., and nearly an entire location shoot was used in 3 episodes.

Leo said...

Mmmm...grilled meat!!! We did some steaks on Sunday. Gosh I needed that nice weather we had. The cold was getting to me.

Leo said...

re: Lusk

Yeah, I've seen him, too. It's tragic, especially for those he leaves behind, but I don't feel sorry for him and he probably wouldn't want any any sympathy anyway. People who take those kind of risks with their lives shouldn't be surprised when they die or end up paralyzed. Sounds harsh, i know, but for gosh sakes, look at what he did for a living....

I'm going into grumpy old man mode, but I can't find sympathy for someone with so little regard for his own life.