Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mary and I got a lot done today. We got the rest of the floor in. That went really well. Then we went to Menard's to feed the economy some more and got paint and we both worked on that today. I am on vacation tomorrow so I will spend the day doing second coats, replacing trim, and installing a chair rail. I really want it to be done so I can see how it will turn out. I think it will look nice.

Microsoft in innovating the way we do things again. They are going to open an ap store for mobile devices that will make it easy to download programs to their "smart" phones. They are also going to add touch screen functionality to their software. But it is not ready yet.
Way to go guys. Once again you are already a year behind. Once again you are bragging up a bunch of crap that you will release in the future that somebody (usually Apple) has already done. And once again despite learning from others mistakes, you will probably totally screw it up. LINK

Speaking of MS: Here is a really good article. Okay, it is really dumb. He lists the top 10 things that Microsoft had happen that were bad luck. Them launching XP on 9/11.. that was bad luck for them. But the rest are just things that the competition did or things that they screwed up.

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