Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Later that same Tuesday...

I just watched a really cool video about the new rules in F1 racing. It is sponsored by Red Bull and the graphics on it are quite impressive. I had heard that some teams were going to capture lost kinetic energy and they mention that. Just go watch it already. Sheeez.
Here is what you do with that extra touch screen 103 inch LCD display. Play air hockey, naturally.
Well I found out today that I won my lawsuit against Apple. Yea, it turns out that I was involved in a class action against Apple over the iPod we got Tim for Christmas about 3 years ago. Remember back then when dumb asses were putting their iPod's in their pockets and they were getting scratched? Turns out that it was Apple's fault that people were not smart enough not to put them in with their keys and coins. So now all this time later, they settled and if I send in the claim, I will get either $10 or $15 back. The lawyers, on the other hand, will get 2.5 million dollars, plus another $200,000 for court costs because they surely could not pay that out of the 2.5 huge.
That is such a bunch of crap. I wonder how many people still have those Nanos 3 years later? Tim does. His is in perfect shape. He is not stupid and took care of it. But it it were scratched, what good would $10 do him? Morons.


Leo said...

Doesn't that just make you sick...wonder how much litigation like this costs the consumer? Dumb asses.

Armpit Studios said...

Did they serve pot at that show where the touchscreen was displayed? Because those were some of the slowest air hockey players I've ever seen.