Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well it is 05:00, I have the day off, and I am up. This is how I usually start my days off. I wake up way too early just out of habit and so I get up. Then about an hour later I take a nap. I know it is silly, but it works for me. I am just surfing around waiting to get tired enough to sleep a little more.
How would you like to find this Bugatti in a barn?
I have been working on a jig to cut box joints on the table saw. I made it so that the face can be taken off and I can put others on to cut different spacings, or whatever, and not have to keep building the sled part. There are dowels that reference it back to center. I drilled them through from the back of the vertical support so that if I put another face on it, I can drill through that and have a perfect alignment. The joints turned out perfect and I was really happy with it. I needed something to try it on, so I just used some pine I had lying around. We had photos in a tupperware bread box and so I made it to replace that. After the first cut I remembered that you need a backer board to eliminate tearout in the back piece. You can see that on the table saw. Heck, you can see a lot on the tablesaw. I kind of stopped putting things away as I got near the end of the project. You can also see my fancy rip fence on the router table. I really need to make a real one. I wanted to get this done so when I build the furniture for upstairs I can make these joints on drawers.

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