Friday, February 06, 2009


Gotta work the weekend, so Friday is not such a big deal. 49 degrees, however, is a very big deal. Feels great outside.
I drove by the Liberty Tax lady that I mentioned a few days ago. She was out there waving and dancing like a fool and making the best of the situation. I waved back. Then I saw the guy about 15 feet from her with a sign begging for money. There is just something wrong with that.
A friend of mine has a son in high school. They are doing a project about business. They start a business and they make a product and then sell it. His son sold literally 2x more then the other 14 students combined. Most sold none. Even after he found out that they had to split the profits evenly he is still selling them. He likes it. He also wrote a letter to his teacher telling him what a great lesson he learned about how socialism works. :-) I thought that was pretty sharp.

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