Thursday, February 05, 2009


Had the day off and took care of a lot of things. I got the flooring ordered today and it should be in stock in time to work on it next weekend when I start a bit of a vacation.
failblog is one of my new favorite sites. They brought you this:

I understand why "the man" would not think this is funny, but I got a chuckle out of hacked road signs.
I thought this video was cool. Putting corn starch and water on a speaker. But the funny thing was the ad placement that went with it: an ad for nasal congestion relief. You have to see the video to understand why that was really odd.
I find this kind of sad. With the time that this kid wasted mastering this game and the money mom and dad spent replacing all of the little plastic guitars, they could have bought a strat and he could have learned it. Really nice use of the F* bomb in front of your 14 year old kid also, dad.

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