Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I am driving home today and I see some poor slobs wearing ugly ass Statue of Liberty outfits along side the road waving like fools. Not the ones in the photo below, I stole that off of the net, but just like that. Every time I drive by them I think to myself how degrading that must be. But every time I also think how much I respect them for going out on a cold Iowa day to a crappy degrading job for what I am sure is very little money. It would be much easier to sit around and bitch about things and expect for somebody to give it to them like many here in IC. Like the guy on the same corner in the median with the "BROKE-ANYTHING HELPS" sign begging for change from passing motorist while if you look directly behind him you will see a "HELP WANTED" sign at the restaurant 3 buildings down. If you need change, how about this: WORK FOR A LIVING. That would be a change, yes?
And, what the hell kind of tax service uses stunts like this to promote business? Does this make you want to turn over your financial records to this place? A friend of mine did one year and she said it seemed like the year before she got a lot more. I suggested having H&R Block look it over because I knew they do it for free if they don't find more money. They found about $1,400 more.

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