Sunday, January 11, 2009


Takin' it easy today. I hooked up the surround sound (finally) in preparation for the 2 hour season debut of 24 tonight. Gotta have it loud for Jack.
This is kind of funny: A David Lee Roth soundboard for Runnin' With the Devil. My personal favorite is HEEEYYYAAAAHHOUUUUAAAA. (second one down in the middle column)

I can't decide which is more lame. Microsoft trying to make music (or anything creative orartistic for that matter) or this dork doing a demo of a stupid program. I am hoping that he is kidding, but I fear he is not.
HERE is a pretty impressive animation done by a student for his final degree project. The video is good quality so expand it out and enjoy.

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Armpit Studios said...

Re: DLR. And you can play the sounds synchronously, so you can get some neat doubled lines going.

Re: Songsmith. Yeah, rapping is probably the best way to demo software that creates accompaniment based on the melody you sing.