Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well as if I did not know that HABITAT FOR HUMANITY SUCKS, here is more proof. There are some who read how bad the houses are and say that it was not because they were built by a bunch of unskilled do-gooders who don't know what they are doing and just want to put in some time so they can get their pictures taken and get a T-shirt and then go home and fell all warm and fuzzy because they think they gave of themselves in that neighborhood across town. They will have a great story to tell the folks back at the office and "oh.. look at me i am a construction worker and I am going to save the world with my skills"
There are those that say that these houses were not taken care of. From what I saw next to me at the house we had to move out of, it is an equal part of both. The house was built very poorly. They people that moved in would not mow the yard, much less do a damn thing on their own to maintain it and since they did not earn the house they don't appreciate it. (don't give me the sweat equity crap) I thought it was hilarious when Oprah gave a Pontiac to everyone in the audience and there were those that complained because they had to pay taxes on it and they could not afford it. If you are that poor you don't need a brand new car. You need to sell the car and buy food and shut up.


Leo said...

Brent, it is their good intentions that count--not the outcome. Measuring whether a program really works does not afford any photo ops.

Anonymous said...

To Leo...WRONG! What good do "good intentions" do if they are at the expense of people who weren't given a free house and have to stand by and watch their neighborhoods go down the toilet? Also, if these "good intentions" (read: Hab-i-crap houses) end up making people sick, or the people living there get hurt because the damn roof falls in on them, you can bet a herd of lawyers will be all over it. Then what? If the good intentions don't have a good outcome; then what the hell is the point?

Leo said...

Hi Anon. It's called 'sarcasm'.

The US gov't is all about good intentions. Hell, the Democrats reigned supreme for 40 years because they convinced people that their good intentions were best for the country--side effects be damned. Didn't matter that their programs didn't and don't work.