Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was watching American Chopper the other day. Paulie was riding in an armored transport to do research for a National Guard bike. As they were riding along, he said to watch out for IUD's along the road. Stick to bikes, Paul :-)
I really like the idea of those little 7" displays that hook onto your computer via USB. But as they point out in the review, you could buy a 17" for the same price. Still cool. And I like the keyboards that have the LCD on the side. Naturally I like the Optimus Maximus, but it cost more then my computer. So anyhow, we have established that I like geeky-lcd type thingys. So I thought that this idear was pretty damn sweet. Put your iPhone on a dock on your keyboard and use it as a second computer/monitor/touchscreen. Build that because I don't want to have to use a scrabble keyboard.
Or go hang your iPod on the side of your rifle.
EDIT: I fixed the link (thanks, Stove)


Armpit Studios said...

Did you forget the link to the iPod in a keyboard?

Armpit Studios said...

I can't wait for sniper rifles to show up in the Apple Store.