Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Giz is getting too full of themselves.

I like Gizmodo and read it about daily. But this whole Steve Jobs is sick and we told you so thing is getting pretty lame. They reported he is really sick. Somebody else reported he isn't He came out and said that he is sick but now they know what it is. People slammed Giz'. Then he came out and said that it turns out he really is sicker then he originally thought and will take a leave. Now Giz is all full of themselves saying that they were right all along and so proud that "they" launched an SCC investigation about it.
I am not going to claim that I know what is going on with his health. That is his business. He may have mislead people with that first statement. I don't know.. Giz' certainly doesn't. It sure seems like it would be stupid on Job's part to say he had one thing if he knew he had another that is more serious and he would have to change his story soon. So I am just wondering if it isn't possible that perhaps he really did think he had one thing and forces made him make a statement about it. Then he found out it was another and he updated the information?
Giz certainly is not even entertaining the possibility that he is telling the truth because that would mean they were sleezy suck ass reporters and they were just wrong.
Either way, I still like the graphic on the article.

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