Friday, January 09, 2009


I took the day off today because I had a molar extracted yesterday. It really went as well as it could have gone. It was supposed to be done on Monday but it got to hurting me pretty badly and the got me in. I did have to threaten my oral surgeon with a malpractice suite however. They were playing Willie Nelson on the stereo and because I was added in at the last minute I was there for quite a while. I was on my second loop of Willie's greatest hits and when they finally were able to get to yankin' on my tooth I was getting a bit tired of it. I mentioned it to the surgeon and he laughed and said he was sorry. I told him it was okay, but if I had to hear it a third time we might be looking at malpractice. They were very nice and did a good job.
Today I am just sitting around trying to let things heal up. Tomorrow the kids turn 18. OMG. Kids no more. I am hoping that I will be all better and we can go out and celebrate. I should be fine by then.
HERE is the coolest woodworking store I have ever seen. Wish you did not have to live in Ohio to go there. I really love the full metal extension on the PM2K tablesaw. Me want.

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Armpit Studios said...

The biggest decision is what colors to make it. :) Damn I wish I had room for a large saw.