Monday, January 05, 2009


So today Steve Jobs comes out and says that no, he does not have a re-occurrence of cancer, but rather a hormonal imbalance that robs his body of protein. There are bloggers and even "real" news sources that are saying that he needed to say more. One news site said that he (the "reporter") did not know what that meant and that he should have gone into details about his condition. If only there were some way to get information about things you read about on the INTERNET. Another said that he should have said something sooner and that he owes that to the shareholders. It sounds like they did not know what it was for a long time. Should he have come out and said, "I am really sick and they don't know what is wrong with me!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!" Yea, that would be good for the shareholders.
Then there is this moron who says this whole thing is just PMS. He tries to mend things in the and and says, "my biggest question is why didn't Apple just come out and say this three months ago". Again... They did not know. Did he actually read the letter from Steve, or was he too busy coming up with that really witty PMS comment.

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