Saturday, September 30, 2006

choking on the mic

a drunk guy hits mic and shoves it into singer's mouth. I think that she has the ball lodged in her mouth, like on a sm 58 (is that right?)


Here is some GREAT video of a camera mounted in an R/C plane. Lots of folks doing that these days, but this guy mounted a gyro from a heli- onto some VR goggles so that the camera in the plane follows his head movement. If you have ever flown R/C planes you know you don't fly them between trees. He does.
If you were going to put some Ivory soap in the microwave later today and see what happens, somebody saved you the trouble. Here is the video.
"googlewhore"? New term. Interesting article. Gives you an idea also of just how friggin' big Google has become.

Open house today. Gotta load up the kids and go bowling for a few hours. Hope somebody buys this place. Fast. Man, we missed it. We could have had one of the Singmaster Mansions in Keota.

Monday, September 25, 2006


We signed the papers today. We were very happy with the deal we got on it. Now we just have to sell ours. But today was a very good day. I was putting up a new ceiling fan when our neighbor came over. He is part of the Cambodian family that lives across the street. They are the nicest folks and the best neighbors you could ever want. I told him we were looking for a house and he said, "oh no. You can't leave us here" in a very sad tone. He said, "you wait and I win lottery then we all move together". That broke my heart. So we hate to leave them behind, but it must be so. I am also very sad to leave this house behind after 10 years of building on it and fixing it up. I hate to think of it falling apart. Ok.. back to the story.
I am hanging the fan and the doorbell rings. It is dad from across the street. He says his friends want to buy our house! OMG. That would be SO perfect. His friends would get a great house. I could feel good knowing that they would take good care of it. We would get ours sold fast, and I could feel much better knowing that they would not be left alone over here. Our realtor called and said that they had called and set up an appointment for wed. to see the house. Man I hope that works out.
It is not that far away from us but yet it is a world of difference in the neighborhood. I will be quite busy for a long time. I have to build a shop, but can't do that until next spring. Then there will be lots of things to do to make it our home just like this one has been for the last 10 years.
Wish us luck.

Here is a short clip that I thought was pretty funny

Saturday, September 23, 2006

might have a new home...

We put a bid in today. Not too far away from here, but far enough that it is a world of difference in the neighborhood. People over there actually work for a living. We met the neighbor next door yesterday and he seems pretty cool. He has been mowing the yard next to him just because the house is empty and he did not want it to get long. What a nice change of pace from where people won't even mow their own yards.
There is space in the basement for the pool table and lounge/den/NASCAR shrine etc. We are looking to build onto the side and back of the third garage to make a shop. I was not sure how they would pour back there but was sure it could be done. Tonight I had a horrible thought: How do they excavate to pour the walls? DOH! I will have to look into that directly! There is a pond behind us and there is a great view out the back of the house. Ours went on the market this week. We will find out on Monday if they take our bid on the new one or not.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

beer cannon

funny video of cans of beer being shot out of a cannon at random objects. It is cool because it is well done and silly. Also because they don't use good beer.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Always stand down wind when you dispose of weed

Officers from Prescott National Forest, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency bring the first load of marijuana plants to a waiting fire Sept. 6 near Cleator. BB / CCN Photo / Jo. L. Keener

Sunday, September 10, 2006

still working on getting the house done

We have painted almost every room and ceiling in the house now. Replaced almost all of the carpet. Today I ripped out the hallway carpet upstairs. It really needed to be replaced, but was going to be a bitch to do and so we decided to leave it. But then we put in new carpet in the bedrooms around the hall and all of a sudden the hallway carpet looks like hell, so out it came. I really think that we will be done with major stuff after that. Just a lot of small fix-it stuff that should have been done before. Need to repair the sliding door where the dog scratched on it. I was reminded why I don't want another cat when I pulled up all of the carpet in the house and got to smell that. Not to mention replacing the door jamb and several sets of door casings that the cats destroyed. I already replaced some drywall downstairs a few years ago because it was destroyed by them.
The house really looks nice. The new brighter paint and the carpet makes it look and smell new. I really hate to leave here. I already know that we won't get what we should for it because of the decline of the neighborhood, but I am hoping that we can do okay with it and get out before it gets any worse. I also hope that when people come over to look at it they do it before school is out. I had a day off last week and I was amazed at how quiet and nice it was during the day. You don't have kids running in the street spitting on each other and then yelling, "YOU BASTARD!" Thank you Iowa City for letting this part of the town go to hell.

Friday, September 08, 2006

John Travolta's house.

Not bad. Pull the planes right up to the house. Gotta like that. Way to go Vinnie.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

morons with a mower.

I guess I should just be happy they are mowing at all. One of the kids next door in the HABITAT FOR HUMANITY house mowed 2 days ago. Took him about 3 friggin hours. Mow for 1 min. Shut it off. Kick the soccer ball against the house. Kick the soccer ball against my truck AGAIN. Start the mower and mow for one min. REPEAT.
I noticed that it looks really crappy when they get done. So I looked at the mower as it sat in the yard while he was taking a soccer break. It was visibly tipped from 20 feet away. One of the wheels is set all the way down I would guess. It leaves a kind of terrace looking path as they mow. One side is long. the other side is scalping the yard. Nice.
So three hours later I am getting in my truck and I look at what he did. He mowed down along the fence in our back yards. But as soon as the fence ended, he took a sharp left and moved over three feet into their yard. It is not like he drifted off course. He stopped, moved over and then kept going. The blue line is an extension of our property line and the red shows where he mowed. Ours was not mowed yet so I guess that he thought I could mow part of their damn yard too. Nope I mowed the next day right down the property line and left this big ass tribute to their stupid lazy asses in their yards.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Tom Cruise's baby has pooped! Yes, that is right. And you own a sculpture of it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US?
bid on it on eBay

EDIT: It has been removed. Sadly people were bidding on it. Just proves you can put any kind of crap on eBay and some fool will bid on it. Must have been one of that fake Tom Cruise's baby poop bronzed and put on a piece of wood things.