Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So Microsoft had this great idea. Have people create animated avitars. Funny thing is that they look just like the ones on the nintendo Wii. Even the music that plays when you edit them is a rip off. Pretty lame. My avitar is kind of funny though. This is me

FARK had a link to this Craig's List ad. Pretty funny stuff.

FARK also had a link to this list of optical illusions.

THIS is pretty scary....

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research crunched the inflation adjusted numbers. The bailout has cost more than all of these big budget government expenditures – combined:

• Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion
• Louisiana Purchase: Cost: $15 million, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $217 billion
• Race to the Moon: Cost: $36.4 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $237 billion
• S&L Crisis: Cost: $153 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $256 billion
• Korean War: Cost: $54 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $454 billion
• The New Deal: Cost: $32 billion (Est), Inflation Adjusted Cost: $500 billion (Est)
• Invasion of Iraq: Cost: $551b, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $597 billion
• Vietnam War: Cost: $111 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $698 billion
• NASA: Cost: $416.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $851.2 billion

TOTAL: $3.92 trillion

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Spent my day off today painting some more. I think we are about done with that. It really does look nice and I am so glad to not be looking at white walls.
I had a couple of guys come down from Cedar Rapids to buy the lights and the light trees (A.K.A. "Klingon warrior weapons"). I got $ 150 out of it and they seemed quite happy with the deal.
We had our meat all lined up for Thanksgiving. I have a turkey my neighbor Scott gave me and a ham that my boss gave me. Today Scott came by and dropped off another ham. That one is frozen, so it went into the freezer for future reference. Man, I love that.
My neighbor Dan stopped by last night. His big TV went on the fritz and nobody would work on it. He knows a guy who's dad fixes TV's in Williamsburg. I told him I would take him over in the truck. He got it fixed and we went to pick it up a week later. After the first trip Dan tried to give me gas money, but I really did not want it. I am just so damn glad to have nice neighbors that I was glad to do it and it was kind of fun to go on a trip. So his wife baked us some cookies. She likes to do that. Last night when he stopped by he dropped off a gift certificate to Okaboji Grill. That is one of our favorite places. I get the 14 oz steak burger and Mary gets steak. Yummy! My neighbors are trying to make me fat.
Here is a feel good video for you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We are going to try to paint today *bleh* so that should suck up most of the day.
HERE is something you have never seen before: A meteor caught on a police dash cam. Daing!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are watching Fast Times right now. We were telling Tim about all of the people that went on to become way famous. All of the stoners.. Erich Stolz, Anthony Edwards, and Nicholas Cage were all in one scene with Sean Penn. I was trying to tell Tim who Nicholas Cage is (besides Francis Ford Copela's nephew) and IMDB'd his name. Wow, he is busy..

The Dance (2010) (announced) .... Billy 'The Kid' Roth
Electric God (2009) (announced)
Amarillo Slim (2009) (pre-production)
Riot (2009) (pre-production) .... Karl Rix
... aka John Carpenter's Riot (USA: complete title)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2009) (pre-production)
Season of the Witch (2010) (filming)
Astro Boy (2009) (filming) (voice) .... Dr. Tenma
Kick-Ass (2009) (filming) .... Damon Macready
G-Force (2009) (post-production) (voice) .... Speckles
Knowing (2009) (post-production) .... Ted Myles
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) (post-production)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday 1.1

This is silly and cool.


I will say it again... FRIDAY!
THIS got a well deserved FAIL tag on FARK. Suicide bomber is badly injured when he can't get the toilet stall door open and can't run into packed room and kill a bunch of folks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have the day off so NANNY NANNY POO POO.
I was just reading about Timothy Mcveigh who blew up the Murrah building in OK and killed 168 human beings. This is what I found funny.....
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote to the warden and to Timothy McVeigh, requesting that his last meals be vegetarian so that he would not be involved in the taking of any more lives.
Yea, like if he dined on tofu and sprouts before they killed him, he could die with a clear conscious and be assured of his ticket to heaven.

Monday, November 17, 2008


HERE is the new voice recognition app from Google that they released for the iPhone. That was surprising since it is not out for Android yet. Really slick stuff.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Wonder what Obama's website would look like in Hebrew? Well it would be a mirror image since they read right to left. Giz has the story. Kind of funny that they make no apologies for it.
Hope that is not too political for anybody.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This guy got a Hero tag on FARK. He deserves it.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Gotta work this weekend. *ack* That happens I guess. I have gotten a lot done on the router table and extension table thingy. I used the oak I got in the flooring deal to trim out the table. Looks really nice. Pictures soon. Really.
HERE is a puppy cam. Kind of cute.
Live video chat by Ustream

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I took tomorrow off. I was able to take a rare vacation day. Sweet!

Here is a unique property. click on the "more images" at the bottom.

Wow. You can get a 1TB HD for a hundred bucks now. Sheez.

This is a cute little app for your iPod or iPhone to record four track stuff. Don't know how practical it is, but it looks cool.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


In 1997, shortly after Mr. Jobs returned to Apple, the company he helped start in 1976, Dell's founder and chairman, Michael S. Dell, was asked at a technology conference what might be done to fix Apple, then deeply troubled financially.

"What would I do?" Mr. Dell said to an audience of several thousand information technology managers. "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." LINK

Today he is asking his workers to take unpaid time off to try to save the company some money. Apple increased the number of folks on its payroll by 48%.
So I don't get this: Launching action against iTunes because you can't put the songs on other media players? Yea? Here's the deal. If you don't think that it is fair, don't buy it. Simple.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I really want to vote..

I really want to vote today. But I can't. Because neither party can give me a candidate that does not scare me to death.
I would vote for Obama, but I really don't know what the hell he stands for. He has not been around long enough to tell. What I have seen worries me. What worries me more is if the Dem's control the whole shootin' match. Got help us.
I really would vote Republican but that scares me also.
Here is what I can predict, however. There will be an assassination attempt in the coming months. There are millions of rednecks and skin heads in this country. The vast majority of them own guns. Do the math. On the other hand, if the election goes the other way, it won't take long for Iran (or any other country that hates us) to figure out that we are one bullet away from having Sarah Palin running the country.
So iPhone production being cut. That is the news all over the net. Here is a guy on cnet that calls out the guy making this claim.
THIS is pretty funny.