Monday, September 29, 2008


In case you did not know, VH1 is showing 24 hours of RUSH starting tonight.
Monday 9/29
7-10pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
10-10:30pm: Hangin' With Rush
10:30pm-1:30am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
1:30-2:30am: Rush Videos
2:30-3am: Hangin' With Rush
3-6am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
Tuesday 9/30
6-7am: Rush Videos
7-10am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
10-11am: Rush Videos
11-11:30am: Hangin' With Rush
11:30-2:30pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
2:30-3:30pm: Rush Videos
3:30-4pm: Hangin' With Rush
4-7pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Only in Texas.....
Today I worked in the shop. I am rebuilding the downdraft table which is part of the outfeed table on the table saw. That is a lot of tables. It was not really laid out well for the new shop. I went downstairs to build a new router table and got sidetracked with this. I got most of it done, but now I have to drill about 600 holes in the top.
I made a jig a while back for making dados and got to use it a bunch on this project. I had a Tsquare setup before and it worked well but it was a pain because you had to clamp the square to the board and then put some clamps on the board to keep it from moving when you route it out. I made this jig so that it just clamps to the TS fence. Once that is done you can move the fence to set it for the width of the board to be cut (it is blue here). Then I can just slide the board under it and set one clamp. I can see exactly where it is going to cut by looking where the router bit cut on the jig. Cut it, remove one clamp, slide it down, set one clamp and go.
The blue board in the photo is one of 9 panels I got at UI surplus. They are 1.25" thick MDF panels with the same color gray laminate as my table saw and extension. They are 4x5 feet wide and weigh at least 90 lbs each. I got all nine for $20 :-) The blue stuff is the plastic covering the new laminate that will be removed when I am done.
My Bosch router has had problems with the switch for about 2 years now. About six months after I got it, the switch got funky. If I turn it on/off about 100 times I can get it to work. I FINALLY called Bosch and they sent me a replacement switch that is sealed so it won't suck up dust. When I was doing the dados on the shelves I had to unplug it and set it aside so I did not have to keep restarting it. Man I am glad to have that fixed.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Up and running

Well a week later and I got my internet back. They were supposed to work until 7:00 on Friday so at 6:55 I called to make sure they got it done. They said they had fixed it. I, however, still had no internet. I told him that when the guy was here on Wed. he replaced the modem. That could be the problem, says he. So he configured it (correctly this time) and it is all good. The new router is supposed to be faster. I am getting 7.8Mb/sec. now so that is good.

I thought this was funny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

well Mediacom sucks.

Last Friday I noticed that the internet had come to a screeching hault. I thought it would come back up like it does usually. By the time I realized it was out it was too late to call. All weekend.. no internet. Well we had internet but it was much worse then dialup. Monday I tried to call. It took about .5 hour to get through because I kept getting a busy signal. I finally get through and I am put on hold for 20 min. Then the guy says he will send somebody out on Wed. between 1 and 5. I told him before that, but told him again that it is not my connection. My neighbors have the same problem. It is something in your box like a bad amp or something. He asked if I could be there in that window and I told him I can't be home until 2:00 and asked if he could put a note on there that I would be home then and he could go do another call first. He said that policy would not let him do that and if I was not home then he would just leave. I told him AGAIN that it was not my connection anyway. We went back and forth and I decided just to hope I could leave work early Wed. Well Tuesday comes and I start to think how stupid that is so I call back. I am on hold for another 20 min. I get the guy and tell him what is going on with my situation and that I know he can't change it, but I think it sucks and I want to talk to a supervisor to let them know that I think they suck. I also told him that being on hold for 20 min. is not cool. He said that I was lucky because there are people that have been on hold for an hour and 14 min now. Oh, well that makes me feel better about your "service". He says he can put in an order and within 24 hours either a supervisor or he will call me back. I told him I don't want to wait until tomorrow and get a personal call at work only to be talking to the same guy that I am talking to now. I want your supervisor. So the supervisor comes on and I tell him the whole deal. I am not sure if I can leave work tomorrow and that I car-pool so not only would I have to take vacation time, but so would my rider just to make sure we are home by 1:00 even though there is a pretty good chance it would be after that and besides the problem is not even in my house it is in the box. He said he could put a note on the ticket to have the tech call 1/2 hour before he gets there. PERFECT! Now why can't the other guy do that? I don't know. So I am leaving work yesterday and the phone rings. He is on his way. I pull up to the house the same time as him. He looks through my stuff and finds out that it is not in my house, but rather in the box. NO SHIT. He tells me that they will have to get somebody else to look at that and it would be sometime this week. If only I had TOLD THEM OVER AND OVER THAT IT WAS NOT MY CONNECTION, they could have sent Mr. Wizzard out instead of this guy. Oh. Wait. I did that.
Mediacom customer service SUCKS. That is what you get when you have a monopoly. I am paying for 8Mbps download. I just did a ping at and I am getting a whopping 7kbp download and 8kbs up. So I drive across town to talk to them because you can't call the office, you have to call an 800 number that rings up in MN or drive over there. I am not sure why I went over. I just wanted to let them know that they suck and that I was not happy with them and that I would not be paying for a week of internet service. I accomplished all of that and took my small victory and went home. I am not sure if I will be able to upload this or not. We shall see.....

Monday, September 22, 2008


The power of the interweb...
Mary's Honda Civic Si is a cool little car. About 200hp, a six speed gearbox, and pretty sporty suspension make it a fun little car to zip around in. Especially when you usually drive a truck. But it has had problems with third gear. I have ground that sucker more then a few times. I know now that when I shift into 3rd to make sure it seats in there all the way or it grinds. I was reading about the Si and it turns out that a lot of others are having troubles too. Thousands signed a petition online saying that they had troubles but still Honda said they had never heard of it. Well now that folks are picketing outside dealerships, Honda has heard of it and they are issuing a TSB. NICE WORK FOLKS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ford shows a touch of class and wishes GM a happy 100th. Nicely done, guys.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This could be handy. But I am not sure if you listed to the radio while cutting wood, or if the saw is for cutting up radios. But if I don't know, Stove is not going to tell me :-)

You may have seen the reporter on Wall Street video by now, but just in case you have not.. here it is. This is so totally stupid and the reporter is so serious that it struck me as funny.

Awesome Wall Street Prank - Watch more free videos

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am in the shop listening to the iPod and Weird Al comes on. The song is Genius in France. I am thinking that it is totally a zappa song. So I come up here and google it and sure enough it is a tribute to Zappa.

I am working on the shop of late. Trying to get the main part done. It will have the table saw in the middle. The outfeed table will also be a downdraft table with sanders stowed below it. There are drawers that hold sand paper and stuff. As you are facing the saw, if you look to the right, there will be a router table on the end. It is all one big surface so the dust from them wont get in between all of the equpment. I have some extra space beside the router table, and have not figured out what to do with that. I may put a cabinet with shallow drawers for had tools. I am not there yet, though.

If you are a retired F1 driver and you want to hear your cute wife yell at you in Italian, you could always take her out on the track with you for a nice drive. Funny stuff in any language.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wow. I have seen several wooden cars before. They are impressive. Take a caddy frame and build a wooden body for it. But THIS is truly friggin amazing. The car is really made of wood. Leaf springs, frame, A-arms, spokes wheels. The website is very well done too.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well Kan-yay (be a bigger dumb ass) is at it again. This time smashing cameras in an airport. He was able to post bail. Really. Video here I am still trying to figure out why Apple has had him "perform" at one (or more?) of their keynote addresses. Could you find a bigger loser to associate your name with? Get over yourself, man.

It seems you can put lipstick on a pig, but can you put a tattoo on a pig? I guess so.

It also seems that you can stuff 125 rwhp into a golf cart.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you are wondering if the Hadron collider has destroyed the earth, you can check here. Thank goodness we have the internet.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday again..

Wow, a week has gone by since I was here last. Must mean that not much is going on.
Here is a nice tribute. You probably don't know his name, but there is no way you don't know his voice. Don Lafontaine. He was a very cool guy.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Got the sides of the deck sanded and stained today. Then tonight I launched the boat and went fishin' at sunset. That was a nice way to end the day.
And now I will leave you with this.....

A Moment For The History Books - Watch more free videos