Sunday, January 06, 2008


Mary and I went to a reception for one of the senior partners at her firm who is retiring. It was held in the penthouse of the plaza towers. It was most impressive, although entirely not to my liking as far as style. Cement floors, all white walls, steel, and every exterior wall is 100% glass. 13th and 14th floors up gives a great view of the city. I would just always feel like I was on display and it was a very cold environment. But if you like that style it was really amazing. There are actually 2 penthouses with a removable wall between them through the identical kitchens.
Speaking of that, one of the other partners and his wife really like to cook. So I guess they have his and hers gourmet kitchens that are adjacent to each other. Must be nice.

-Wow. Here is a final blog post from a soldier in Iraq. He gave it to a friend in case he was killed over there. Here is a clip from it:
I suppose I should speak to the circumstances of my death. It would be nice to believe that I died leading men in battle, preferably saving their lives at the cost of my own. More likely I was caught by a marksman or an IED. But if there is an afterlife, I'm telling anyone who asks that I went down surrounded by hundreds of insurgents defending a village composed solely of innocent women and children. It'll be our little secret, ok?

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