Wednesday, April 01, 2009


CRAZY day at work yesterday and so coming home all I wanted to do was get home. I knew there was something I needed. I got home and remembered that Gears of War had new maps coming out that day. I needed to pick up a few Microsoft Points so that I could download them. I jumped in the truck.. over to Kmart.. got the card. Stood at the electronics check out for ten min. Nobody. I got disgusted and threw the card on the floor and walked out of there. That happened to me before and I left them a note on the counter. ATTN: Management. Nobody in your store would help me. If you want to contact me I am at Walmart LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. Yea, I get cranky about this stuff.
Anyhoo... I head over to Wally and get my card.. no check out person. I look around electronics (A.K.A "tronics") and find the tronics woman talking to a customer. They are going back and forth and the customer says, "you're an electronics kind of guy, right?" to me. I say I guess so. So she asks me her question. It seems her friend has this box that lets him skip commercials. I started to explain a DVR to her but she said it was live tv.
Now, I am NOT an expert and there may be some amazing technology that I don't know about.. but that did not seem possible to me.
I told her that her friend had probably recorded a show or had paused it and that allowd him to skip. I also told her that I thought the original Tvio's had a 30 second jump button for that purpose, but the networks had a cow and they removed it. Nope. It was live tv.
I said I don't think that is possible because the signal is not into your house yet. It would be a box that could look into the future and predict what will happen next and then make it for you. It would be like a machine that goes to your mailbox and gets mail that is not even here yet.
OKAY... this is the funny part. The tronics person chimes in and proves me wrong. She said that it could be possible because the people on the east coast are not seeing the show at the same time as us, so maybe it is showing you what they are seeing.
I started to explain ... No the show is going out at the same time, but our clocks.... Then I stopped and said, "Can I just get this rung up"


Armpit Studios said...

Damn, that is funny. These are the people that scammers get rich from, like the companies who sell the Tornado intake turbine thing, or that USB internet phone thing, or any product hawked by Billy Mays.

Leo said...

Had the same exact problem at Kmart a few weeks ago. Needed a cell phone charger. No one to take my money.


Went to Wallyworld.