Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back.

I did the simulator tonight. I am pretty sure that I was drinking everclear and OJ. Felt a little buzzed but not sloppy drunk by any means. I took about 30 breath test things. They keep testing you every four minutes trying to get you at the point you need to be at to take the test. It was pretty fun to drive the simulator. Afterward you have to stay there until you are .003 (even though they are driving you home) so more breath tests. Got home by 9:00.
A while later there is a knock on the door. It is a cop. It seems that somebody called them because Crosby was barking. Everyone in this neighborhood has a dog and they all bark at some point. I did not see all of this as Mary answered the door. The cop was pretty nice about it. There was no doubt WHO called them since our former friend Jim was standing on the sidewalk saying that "that damn dog has been barking all night". What a pussy. He is a former "law enforcement agent" (what ever that means) who has a disability and does not work. But what a spineless way to handle things. If he had come over and said something we would have fixed the "problem". If we had ignored him a few times, sure call the cops. But to get the cops over and then stand in our yard mouthing off... wtf?
We have GREAT neighbors on each side of us. These guys are around the corner and face the pond, so we see them and had gotten to know them last summer when they moved in with their 2 dogs. He stopped over a few times last summer when I was working in the yard and we did that lean on the fence and visit thing. Yea he as barking, all dogs do that, but the citation says he was barking for more then 15 min more then twice a day. Whatever.

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Leo said...

What a jackass....