Sunday, April 19, 2009


We got pictures taken last night and today. I found a guy that needs to do subjects for his portfolio to get into the BFA program here at Iowa. He was very nice and worked really well with the 'utes. We took a bunch around the house and by the pond and then went to the high school and shot some out there. He is going to come to work and shoot people working. It will be nice to have stock photos for when we do promos and websites and stuff. We usually shoot them ourselves, but if you can get somebody that is really good at it, then you might as well.
I have been at Menards at least three times and ran into my neighbor Dan when he is standing there looking lost. I like to sneak up on him. He always laughs because the reason he looks lost is that he wants to buy some lumber and can't get it home. So today Mary and I are going to Menard's and I am putting gas in the truck. The phone rings and it is Dan. "what are you doing?" I tell him I am gassin' up the truck and he asks if I am wanting to go to Menards today.
Too funny. So he jumped in the car and met us over there. He and his wife are pretty darn fine neighbors and I don't mind a bit going on lumber runs with him.
Worst. Craig's List. Ad. EVER.

JUnk for sale - $100 (ic)

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selling some junk

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Jalopnik had a link to a video of a run on the Nurburgring track with a Ruf Porsche. It is fun to watch and it really looks like he has his hands full. Not to mention passing folks who probably think they are going really fast. Then I watched a video of a VIPER running it and taking a full min off of the time. It just does not even seem like he is going as fast because he makes it look easy. It surprised me that the Viper set the record since there are cars out there that are way more advanced and certainly better balanced. It was originally built as a low-tech big displacement hot rod. Anyhow, seems like things are easier now.
Steve and I drive this track on Forza Motor Sports 2. I usually make it around in about 8 min. It is a huge track and fun to drive. Especially when you don't get killed every time you hit a wall.

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