Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In case you did not read it, the Hawkeys made ESPN this week. Once again they made the news because some of the players were arrested. It makes the story more interesting because one of them was the coach's son. Again. Yup, second alcohol related charge against him. Wonder how much trouble he will get into once he is LEGAL to drink? My friend (big) Tim pointed out a few years ago that a lot of schools recruit bad students in the name of championships, but Iowa does it and does not even win much.
Here is what (dad) the coach had to say:
It was very disappointing to learn of the behavior of our three players last night," Kirk Ferentz said in a statement. "Short term, all three will be suspended for the remainder of spring practice and they will be expected to fulfill significant community service obligations the next several weekends.
How significant can it be if they can do it on a couple of weekends?
Additional action will be determined at a later point and return to the team will be based on additional criteria."
In other words.. later on after it is out of the news I will yell at them and go back to trying to win a game or 2.
Enough about that.. I will let it go for now and just wait to post more next time they get arrested.
I just got back from driving the simulator. I had to sign a bunch of papers and then just drove around for about five min. Pretty amazing stuff. They are supposed to call later today if things work out and we can get our schedules to work. Hope it happens.

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Armpit Studios said...

They should just get football players out there to drive the sim. They won't have to spend any money getting them drunk.