Sunday, April 05, 2009


Got some random stuff done today. Just some odd jobs that I wanted to get done for a long time. I am told that we are going to get 3-6" of snow over the next day or so. Yea. Great.
So Microsoft launched the second "Lauren" commercial this weekend. In the first Lauren is given $1K to buy a laptop. She wants a Mac, but can't get one and settles for a HP. The odd thing is that it kind of works and plays along with sweaty Steve's "Apple tax" theme that they have going on right now. But what is odd is that she says that she guesses she is not cool enough to own a Mac. So what she really wants is a Mac? Does that really speak well for the HP? Wait. This is a MS commercial not an HP commercial, but NOWHERE do they mention the operating system. You know.. the "V" word.
The second one is pretty much the same thing. Once again the guy settles on a HP, and once again Vista and MS are not mentioned in his choice.
So MS knows that Vista is crap and the only way the can try to sell it is to promote that the machines that they infest are cheaper.
Ya know... I realize that some people like PC's and some Mac's. If you like PC's better then that is your choice and I am happy for you. But I hate it when people say that PC's are better because they cost less then Macs. I guess that our Honda is WAY better then a Ferrari.
I was at Menard's today and a guy we getting into his black hemi Challenger. I smiled and said "nice ride". He said "thanks". Then I don't know what possessed me, but I asked a really dumb question: "like it?" WTF? It is a new Challenger. One of 2 in town. It is black. It is a hemi. DUH. He was nice and said it was really fun to drive. But I know he had to be saying to himself, "duh".

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