Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, yea..

On the way to the driving simulator yesterday, I saw a Lamborghini Murcielago drive past. Daing! Wish my house was worth as much as that!

This is Frank.. Here is a spoof on the commercials from MS selling computers they don't make. Pretty funny.

Here is my thoughts on the MS ads: Besides the fact that their software sucks and they dont' mention "windows", let alone "VISTA" in the ads.. and besides the fact that they can't compete on features so they are saying, "yea, it is not as good, but it is cheaper".. Here is what I was thinking..
They are running on the theory that the economy is bad so lets push the price difference. The economy IS bad indeed. But it seems like for most of us, you either have a job or you don't. There are some exceptions, I am sure. Car salesmen come to mind. Sales down, commission down, less income. But most people are either still working or not. If you have a job and you want a Mac then you will get a Mac. If you are not working and you want a Mac, you probably won't be buying ANY laptops right now. Things like food and rent come to mind first.
So what is the point of the ads? Please let me know if you figure it out.
HERE is a video you should watch. It is some old school woodworkers. Amazing stuff. Not even a vise to hold the wood. It is kind of fun to figure out what they are doing.
I am amazed how quickly the do what they do. I also am amazed that they don't have injuries. At work we have people that get RSI's because they do the same thing all the time. One one of those projects I could not count how many times he swings his hatchet. But think how many hundreds of thousands of times he did it to get as good as he is.

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Leo said...

Here's the theory: People who have jobs and whose financial situation has not changed much (probably 75-85% of us) are being more cautious spending money. We're told constantly how bad things are. This contibutes to things getting worse, because people DO start spending less, making demand less for goods and services.

MS is playing on that fear.