Tuesday, December 16, 2008

why we moved..

THIS JUST IN: This will be Apple's last appearance at Macworld Expo and Steve Jobs won't deliver the keynote. That is kind of sad. I am sure that it will be enough to send stocks down again. This weeks stupid ass rumor is that they are going to announce a Mac netbook even though Jobs said that they will never do it. Somebody reported that they are going to and now people are just accepting that it will happen. Last week it was that Apple will sell the iPhone at Wally-world for $150 for the 8gig model.
We went through this all before. Somebody said they would release an $800 macbook and so when they did not, everybody was disappointed, felt cheated, and stocks fell. Here we go again.
Some guys tired to rob a gas station in town but some cops were there and took them down. This was in the paper today

“Fearing the suspects would harm the clerk; Rich entered the store and confronted the suspects. Rich detained one of the men inside the store, later identified as Frederick Hamp Reid, 26, of 2418 Aster Ave. The second suspect, Ahkinea Deon Cox, a.k.a. Lil Bit, 29, of 2548 Indigo Drive, ran from the store, but was “caught and overpowered,” by the SCAT officers and K-9 unit a short distance away, according to police.”

“Further investigation by police revealed that one of the suspects threatened to cut the clerk. The clerk also told police that the men indicated Reid was carrying a gun.”

“While conducting a search on Reid, police found crack cocaine in his pocket. Reid allegedly admitted to using crack cocaine, police said. Police said Reid has several previous drug convictions. Cox was charged with and pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily injury earlier this year.”

That house that the admitted crack head lives in is, yes, owned by the city. There is our old house, then a Habitat for Humanity house, then the crack house owned by the city. The other one on Indigo is a block over from us. Probably low income also.

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Armpit Studios said...

"Ahkinea Deon Cox, a.k.a. Lil Bit"

I don't know which name is more ridiculous. I'm glad you got out of there.