Saturday, December 06, 2008


Mary and I went shopping today. It was really kind of fun. We got some things for the kids and did well on some sales. People were actually quite friendly at the stores. We held doors for folks and they held them open for us. It was what Christmas shopping is supposed to be like.

I got the Macbook Pro yesterday. Golly it really is cool. Steve and I did a video conference just to try it out. That is pretty slick. He took over my desktop and moved stuff around. Kinda weird. But then again, so is Steve. I have my monitor hooked up to it right now and have mail on this screen and my web browser on the other. Why? Just because I can. I am getting used to the keyboard and actually like it once I get my hands to start in the right place.

Here is a video of some cops busting into a house because they got information that there was pot being grown there. It was actually a sting and they were just growing evergreen trees. So how did they get the warrant?

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