Friday, December 19, 2008

So there has been a "ninja robber" running around in Iowa City. (It made FARK today) Turns out it was one of the nice people that they arrested at Gasby's the other day. Then ones that live in assisted housing in my old neighborhood. Awsome.

I am on vacation now :-) Bad week at work, but as always we seem to get through it. We had 2.5"of snow and .5" of ice last night. I went in at 4:00 a.m. because it promised to be an interesting day. Days like that are kind of crazy, but it is kind of fun to try to make it work and in the end you walk away feeling pretty good that you pulled it off.

We ordered some stuff for the kids and had not gotten them yet. Can't say what they are just in case one of the might check in here, but they are fairly expensive. Mary and I were in the garage today and I saw a crumpled up piece of paper on the garage floor between the cars. I picked it up and found it to be a UPS package that had been ripped open and thrown into our garage. The kids and Mary were home all day and I got home before noon. (the nice part about starting work that early). So why didn't they ring the doorbell or if they came into our garage, knock on the door? We were worried because we did not know if both of them were originally in the package or not. I called the company and the other one ships Monday so it was not missing. Then I called UPS to let them know that I was not impressed with the service.

Crap I just checked the forecast. More snow tomorrow and Monday will have a high of -9. BRR.

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Armpit Studios said...

I'm glad they caught Anakin "Lil Bit" Skywalker. Now hopefully he'll be raped in prison. Idiot.

UPS/FexEx/etc doesn't ring our doorbell either. Why they hell don't they do that? The blogs are full of people bitching about it, and they're right.