Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

We are staying home tonight. Some friends are coming over, and we will sit around eating junk food and probably playing cards or something. I have to work at 5:00 tomorrow morning, so I won't be drinking very much and will try to get to bed asap. Hopefully by 1:00. :-( Oh well....

I have been reading the rumors on the web the last few days. Macworld Expo is coming up next week. Apple already announced that Steve Jobs won't be there, and they are pulling out after this year. That will mean the end of the expo, probably.
It has always amused me that they Macworld Expo takes place the same time as the CES. In one building you have Apple stuff. At another show you have EVERY OTHER company that makes software, hardware, and any kind of gadget. Most of the press is over at Macworld to see what the next cool item will be and the rest of the industry gets overshadowed.
Hopefully that will continue...
But here are a few of the rumors that I have read this week that I can remember.
*Steve Job's health is very bad and he won't be around much more. I think that was on Gizmodo, and so it is on thousands of blogs. It is based on an un-named source.
*Steve Jobs is doing fine because one blogger knows somebody that works in the yogurt shop where Steve goes, and they said he is fine.
*There will be a smaller iPhone probably called the nano.
*There will be a bigger iPod touch.
*There will be an updated mini that can hold 2 HD and be a server.
*There will be an update to the iMac.
*Monkeys will fly out of my butt.
*quadcore macbook pro's.
*an Apple netbook.
It is like a train wreck. I hate the dumb rumors, but I can't help but look. They have hurt Apple in the past when they hype up so much crap ($800 macbooks) that they can't possibly live up to the hype and people are let down. They have hurt them when they speculate about Steve Job's health (Rumor: he had a heart attack) and stock dives. I feel like part of the problem because I read them too.

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