Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well we missed the snow and ice so far. They called off school, but as it turns out it was really unnecessary. The kids get a free day. Since they are seniors, they don't have to make up snow days.
Our internet is out right now. I guess that one of my neighbor's is not, however. I was able to log onto their network and post this. :-)
If you are going to steal something, you might not want to steal cameras that record you committing the crime.
Reminds me of these dumb ass criminals that stole 14 GPS units from the city. How did they ever get caught?
Stove had a link to this video about a dumb ass biker dude. If case you did not see it there, you really should see it here. The very ending is the best part.

I have gotten used to using the macbook and really like the 2 finger scrolling. I knew that 3 fingers did something, but I did not want to read the directions because.. well. I am a guy. Last night I was on the net and accidentally dragged three fingers across the pad. It went back to the previous page. Sweet. Went the other direction and it went forward. That really makes it slick to surf. Nice touch.

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Armpit Studios said...

I didn't know about the 3-finger forward/back thing. I might have if Kim would let me use it once in a while. :)