Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here is some great reporting from our local news source. It seems that furnaces break down more when it is cold. I never thought about it, but now that they mention it, it seems like my furnace never breaks down during the summer. Good work KCRG. HERE is the scoop.

Fox news just had a story that FEMA has thousands of empty trailers that they have to pay to store and they should get rid of them because that costs millions of dollars. But if they... oh, never mind.

Right now they are showing a water main break in MD. The pipe was either 5.5 feet in diameter or 8 feet (2 different reports) and is flooding the road. There are people trapped in cars. FOX is there. "but how could they (the rescue squad) know how to call them on their cellphone?" "They probably looked up their license plates." Or... Do... You... Suppose: People trapped in cars in raging rivers USUALLY CALL 911.

HERE is a story of a guy that buys 1,300 bucks in Wally gift cards to give out to randome folks. Walmart: You have to leave. Target: Bring 'em over here and we will honor them.

guy knows how to wheel a car..

Placement of the price tag can be important....

This clip is kind of odd.. Watch it and then read the comments below...

The story is that somebody in the audience memorized all of the prices on the show and was feeding them to the winning guy. Drew knew he would have a perfect bid and was not too thrilled about it. Hence his reaction.

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Armpit Studios said...

When will news people stop trying to think? Maybe they should hire people who don't want to be on the new, but just corrects their stories.

Gosh, more evidence of Walmart evil, Target good.