Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

We had a nice day. Got up at 06:00 and opened a bunch of stuff and then just hung out all day. Mary's niece came down with her boyfriend and their son. Always nice to have a 'ute around for the holidays and it was nice to see them. Her dad and his wife came down after that. I kind of wanted to do ao big roast but we were not sure who was coming over and when, so Mary made a pot of chili and I made some corn muffins and just left it on the stove all day. That worked out well. Everyone got home before the rain started. It is pouring rain now and I am sure it is freezing. It should be a big ole' mess tomorrow, but we all have the day off so that it good. All in all a pretty good Christmas indeed.
This video would not be funny to me if it were some red necks doing this and I had some clue as to what they are saying, or if the one guy was not laughing. Anyhow, watch it because I said so.

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