Saturday, December 20, 2008

Man it is windy and snowing out. Good day to stay home. Our neighbors had a dinner party so they brought thier son over to hang out. He is a pretty good little dude and Alex and he are playing on the Wii. They are some nice folks so we were glad to help them out. Plus they bring us meat:-)

Michael Connell. Never heard his name until today. He died when his airplane ran out of gas. That works out really well for GW and some others. HERE is the story.

HERE is the coolest way to scan books that I have seen all day.

Damn, Mike...

Ya know what... this one starts out okay but falls apart really fast..

The Worst Iron Man Cover - Watch more Free Videos
But this one, on the other hand, really never stands a chance.

The Worst Nirvana Cover Ever - Watch more Free Videos

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