Sunday, November 25, 2007

what I like about...

-WTF? Activision secured rights to do a cover of the song What I Like About You by the Ronantics for Guitar Hero. But now the Romantics are taking them to court because the cover sounds too good. STORY HERE

While Tim Allen's Vette is a pretty good deal at $60K, the Pacer from MTV's Pimp my Ride was a real deal at $6k. That is if you don't mind driving a fugly-ass POS. Probably had $6k worth of stereo in it though.

-One of the hot gifts for Christmas this year is Guitar Hero III. While it is a fun game, you have to ask yourself: Will it blend? Here is the answer. I love the look on Tom's face as he is doing it.

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stove said...

Ya gotta admit that the Pacer's interior is cool, except for the shag carpet all over.