Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My friend Mary brought her dog Buster over today. She has no pictures of him, and it was a nice day so I said bring him over and we will let the dogs run and I will take photos. Buster was not up for new friends and went after Bentley. I was very proud of him because when Buster struck at him, he jumped back and just stood his ground. He did not run away, and he did not attack him. Good boy. The photos tell the story. Unfortunately they loaded in reverse order. Click on the second one to see a larger version of the photo and look at the expression on Bentley's face.

The whole "let's see what we can do with a spare USB port" craze really amuses me to start with. Now the same people that brought you the USB humping dog offer a USB chameleon. So stupid and impractical that I have to chuckle.

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