Monday, November 19, 2007


Day off! So I started it out by taking stuff back to Menard's. Went through more then 80 receipts from the store and matched them up with boxes of screws, joist hangers, etc.. that I did not need. It was really foggy as I was headed out there. The guy ran out of bills when he was giving me back $100 for a humidifier that won't work on my furnace and so he gave me $5's. I had to get a small thing of paint and so when I was at the register I saw she had a stack of $20's in there. I told her that the guy over there just gave me $100 worth of fives and asked if I could buy some 20's from her. She said, "no". I was like.. if I give you four fives, you can't hand me a 20? She said she can't do that. WTF? I saw the store manager walking by and thought about yelling to him but decided to let it go. His name is Terry. He likes people who frequent his store. He loves me.
So I decided to stop at Wally-world on the way home. Without thinking I turned into the old Menard's store one block too soon. Partly because of the fog, and partly because my truck just thinks that is where it should go. So I got into the lot and turned the corner to come back around to the highway. I eased into the throttle and the back of the truck just spun out from underneath me. I let off and corrected and made a really nice save. It really surprised me so I did not have time to yell, "YEEEE HAWWWW". Otherwise it would have been perfect. I guess the fog on the blacktop and not having traffic on it because the store is closed brought up the oil.
Now... I must get something done.

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