Wednesday, November 07, 2007

well that confirms it..

I am truly an idiot. I have been working on making the last set of rails for a few days. That is a lot of work and it is tricky to get 20 spindles, which are jammed into holes on the bottom set of rails at a 35 degree angle, to go into the 20 holes in the top set of rails. I got it all done last night. I came home from work and lugged the thing outside. When I hung it up on the deck, I realized that it was 3.5 inches too short. CRAP. I had marked on the back side of the 4x4 post it attaches to and forgot about it. When I took the wood to the basement I used that mark instead of the correct one.
I made it all the way through this project and did not screw up any cuts. It is only $10 worth of wood (I know because I went to Menard's to replace them already) but it is a lot of work to replace them. Damn I make myself mad sometimes.

-I don't know if you have seen the guy's website that is tying to find the girl he saw on a train, but it was kind of cute. Well, the good news is he found her and the better news is that he is just thanked everyone and said he will not post anymore about it.

-Here is an article telling you why it is actually cheaper to own a Mac then a PC. The usual argument is that PCs are cheaper up front but by the time you buy Norton to try to keep it running and buy apps' to do the things that come shipped in osX (but not as well) you spend more. Here is a different spin: He compares the resale value of the 2 platforms and if you use each for a year or 2 and sell them, you come out way ahead with the Mac even before you buy the software. And as an added bonus you don't have to piss with Norton and get a much better OS. Or as COMPUTERWORLD put it: Leopard spanks Vista, continues OS X's reign of excellence

-Google: coming to a gas pump near you.

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