Saturday, November 24, 2007


So they found the identity of another suspect in the killing of the British student. STORY HERE. Today I saw a video that this same waste of skin posted of himself on youtube. Naw. He is normal. VIDEO HERE

Steve mentioned "the pringles guy" in a reply to the story about the tank car. I could not think of Dennis Gage's name so I googled him and wound up reading up on him. I knew about his connection to Pringles, but damn this guy has done some stuff. Here is a short bio. And here is a short story about how he got the gig as the car guy.

-I remember Hardcastle and McCormick, but I don't remember the car being this fugly.

-I would much rather have this one-of-a-kind Pontiac Banshee but I suspect it will go for more.

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stove said...

Pringles guy? Well I'll be dipped.

Too bad they never made the Banshee. Its lines are much better than the same Corvette of the same year, and that's saying a lot.