Monday, November 12, 2007


The deck is finally done. I went to Menard's to take some of the stuff back that I don't need. 1.5 hours later I was done. But when she was ringing up a couple of the items she said that she would have to give me in-store credit since they were more then 90 days old. I said, "god". She apologized. I said that the credit was fine, but I could not believe I have been doing this for 3 months. Next summer I will add the flower boxes in front of the lowest deck and a walkway from the stairs coming from the second deck to the door to the lowest deck. The lowest deck will get screened in and that will be that. But for now. DONE! Sweet.
So now I can move inside. I have a lot of cabinets and things to build there. I got the shop .. well not done, but to where it will function. It will be fun.

Well this is just creepy. Gibson made a guitar that tunes itself. Yea, that is cool indded. But wait. You want to use an alternative tuning? just fiddle with the master volume knob and it will change to an open G or whatever it is you want. Pretty damn cool.

HERE is the company that makes the tuning part of it.


Leo said...

That's absolutely frucking cool as hell. Me want! Me want!!!

God--fixing bridge settings, too?
That's amazing!

Oh, the deck looks beautiful, great job!

stove said...

They just wanted an excuse to use blue LEDs. :)