Thursday, November 15, 2007


A couple of things on caught my attention just now. One was the story of a guy who was sucking gas out of a car with a vacuum and got blowed up real good. The amazing part of it is that I remember somebody doing that same thing within the last year.
The other was a story about a pancake that somebody sold on eBay for $300 because it had Jesus and Mary on it. Sheez.
This morning when I was going to work the news said that Australia is asking the Santa Clauses down there not to use the phrase "HO HO HO" anymore because it might offend. I just stood there with my mouth open.
In our school they raised the minimum GPA necessary to play football because it was discriminating against black kids. If I were an intelligent black person I would be standing up and saying, "NOW WAIT JUST A SECOND!" But I am neither so I won't.
I went to Best Buy yesterday. I saw the new iMac's. Man those look nice with the aluminum and glass. The BFB dork came over and I asked him what was new in leopard and he showed me how you can turn on this program and when he hit random keys on the piano next to it, they were recorded. I said yea, that is Garage Band and I have that on my Mac, but what is new. That went nowhere so I just ignored him. He came over and I mentioned that it was just a really nice looking machine. He told me that the best part is that the hard drive and the CPU are all inside the monitor. MY GOD! THIS WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDUSTRY! Oh, wait. It already did that in 1998. When he was in 2nd grade.
I am off to patch some drywall above the new door on the second floor. There used to be a window there and I have to piece in some sheetrock so I can put trim around it. It would not be so bad but there is that damn texture stuff and now I have to try to match it. I hate that stuff. Lazy contractors.


stove said...

The pancake looks more like a deformed 2-teated udder viewed upside down.

stove bolt said...

Is the sheetrock really textured or is it just lots of layers of paint that looks a little lumpy from being rolled on? When ever I patch our walls, I just use a thick roller and put on many coats until it gets that orange peel look and it matches perfectly.

Leo said...

Yep, that's the best solution for that textured crap. Or hire Steve G to do it for you....