Monday, November 05, 2007


what the hell is this guy thinking?
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I saw a link to Rosie's blog and just had to check out what she had to say. There was this poem on there.

brothers and sisters
i am all caught up
triple loving it

sally rob calista
all perfect
great tv is exciting

walking in manhattan
alone tonight
i herad my name and turned
2 find
a young asian woman
in a columbia sweatshirt
do u remember me? she asks

i did not

i was on ur show
i was the last super kid
i remembered

kelloggs paid for 50 kids
to go thru college
she went to yale
and was now at columbia

she asked for a hug
said thank u

what r the chances

spingle deluxe


WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? How lame can it be? And just because she is fat and stupid does not mean she can't spell out the words. Or did she do this on her cel-phone? Oh, she is just so "hip" that she can talk a 14 year old. Gawd. Sorry I made you read that. NOTE TO ROSIE: U R LAMERZ.

Well this is funny. The Social has been canceled. Microsoft canned the ad agency that came out with those STUPID AS HELL ads for the Zune and dropped the whole "welcome to the social" tag line. Now it is "Make it you" In other words, it is hard to have a social when you are the only one. And in case you have not heard, the one Zune fanboy on earth that got a zune logo on his arm, and then later 2 others, now legally changed his name to "Microsoft Zune"

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