Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sports stuff..

A big CONGRATULATIONS (!) to Carrie (formerly Harbach) Wieland. She took over as coach of the Highland softball team a few years back and Sat. at noon they play for the state championship. Good for her. I bet she is a great coach. Well.. duh. They are in the finals.

If you have never seen Travis Pastrana ride, then you are missing out on some amazing stuff. Here is one of his rides. And, yes he landed the jump in the photo above.

Jake Brown had one of the worst crashes ever on a skateboard at the X games. The top of this silly ramp is 27 feet tall and he was almost 20 feet above that when he lost it and fell onto the flats. Amazingly he walked away with some help, but he is in the hospital with liver and lung injuries and a fractured wrist. They say he will make a full recovery. Man..

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