Monday, August 13, 2007


I had to work today and stopped by Menard's on the way home. Got some screws and stuff. Then I was getting ready to go out and work on the deck when I started thinking about the total. $70.. hmm.. I looked and she charged me for 2 boxes of screws when I only got one. It was an $18 box of screws, so I will have to go talk to them about that one.

I don't know if anyone besides Stove will find this as funny as I do, but it is very well done.


stove said...

"The program opens for you, right on the screen, in a matter of minutes." That's classic. I like the really creepy guy that's going apeshit over the idea of using TWO eraser tools *at the same time*.

Matt said...

That is the best deadpan spoof I have ever seen. Those kids are seriously dedicated to satire. Funny.