Saturday, August 25, 2007

How cool is this...

Mary noticed that there was a slip on the door and UPS tried to deliver a package to us. I had no idea what it was, but it said it was from MN. I thought maybe Stove sent me a CD or something but it said it was 14 lbs. They were closed by then, so I looked it up online. It said it was delivered to Coralville. WTF? Then Mary noticed the name Gunder on it. He is our next door neighbor. So I grabbed his ladder that I borrowed and went over. He was coming out the door with a package for me. We traded. I opened it.
It was a friggin XBOX 360.
A friend of mine at work gave me a ton of Pepsi caps with codes on them and I entered them a while back. It has been quite a while and I assumed I did not win anything. I guess I did.
Tim has a first gen Xbox in his room but the damn thing ate most of his disks. That is a bunch of crap. For some reason it scratches up the disks (at $50 a pop) when you play them.
So we went to Wally to get some games and another controller. I was amazed to find a kid there that not only knew EVERYthing about gaming, but was really exicted to talk about them.
We were going to get guitar hero, but he suggested we wait a couple of weeks and get it for the Wii. He said the Xbox guitars tend to break. He also said the Wii guitar has a wah-wah pedal and you can download your own tunes into it and play them. He also said to bring in the other Xbox and he would fix it. That was really nice to ask some kid at one of those stores a question and not find out that I know more about it then he does.

-Every once in a great while, the ACLU actually sticks up for somebody that should be helped. Sadly nobody takes them seriously since 99.325% of the time they are full of crap.

-I first saw a video of Terra Naomi on Youtube a while ago. Something about her really caught my attention with her song Say It's Possible. She had played the coffee houses and such around the city and decided to stay home and host a "virtual tour" hoping to get noticed. She did. I just saw that she played Live Earth at Wembly. Good for her. The break at 2:40 into the song is really intense. There is something very honest about her music that I just really dig. Another song of hers that I really like is The Vicodin Song.
In is great how the interweb is changing how we can access music and decide who WE think is worthy.

-I guess when you are the president of France , you get your love handles Photoshopped out when the photo gets printed in your friend's newspaper.

-Deezer streams TONS of songs to your computer fast and free. Kind of cool for here at work.

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