Thursday, August 16, 2007


Your tax dollars at work. The gubment paid almost a million dollars to ship 2 washers. Somebody goin' to jail.

-It is raining today so I am sitting inside. I loaded up some of the CRAPPY composite lumber I bought at Menards to take back. I bought 36 of them and about 12 are junk. I was in a big ass hurry to load the stuff because I thought they closed at 6 on Sunday and I had to load $1,800 worth of lumber on a trailer in 1/2 hour and nobody would friggin help me. I finally pulled out my cel-phone and was going to call them and tell them to send somebody out and the answering service told me they were open until 7:00. By then I had thrown on the 20 foot long composite decking. They were about out and there was not much to choose from anyway. The best part is that it looks different every time they get some in, so I will probably have the top deck in a two-tone.
-Here are some photos of the deck.

Here is how not to launch a 1.5 million dollar yacht. Great photos, though.

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