Wednesday, August 29, 2007

down for repairs.

I called in sick today at work. I really don't like to do that, but I just feel awful. But now I am going stir crazy. I am stuck at home, and can't work on the deck or anything else. I have been going at it for so long, that I feel really uncomfortable just sitting down for a while, much less a whole day. I hope that I feel better by tomorow because this sucks.
-I had the song Red Barchetta in my head today as I was toasting an english muffin for breakfast. I wondered exactly a Barchetta looked like and googled it. I wound up at wiki and it mentioned that it was inspired by a story published in Road and Track. I followed some links and found out that Neil tried to contact the author, but could not. The guy who wrote it eventually hooked up with Neil and rode with him between concerts recently. Turns out they both rode the same BMW bike. Here. Read it your own damn self.

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