Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well back to work today. Went in at 5:15 and left about 12:30. Came home and .. you guessed it.. worked on the deck. I got the last of the decking onto the lower deck today. Man it feels good to get something completed. Tomorrow I have to work so same deal. I hope to get the stairs put in to the upper deck.
I had originally put in for this vacation time right after my birthday in June. As it turns out the weather was perfect then. It was in the upper 70's and we did not even run the A/C most of the month. But I got denied. So had to wait until the hottest damn time in history to do this. I put in for 3 weeks knowing that I would have to work this weekend. So when I left 2 weeks ago I was off for the 2 weeks posted. Today I went in and noticed that I have to work Monday as well.
So after the stairs go in I am hoping to get enough of the upper decking on to be able to set the door.
Right now I am just tired. Good night.

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