Friday, August 03, 2007

day... hell i don't know.

I was going to post a picture from the end of each day. But the end of day 3 looked like the end of day 1 from pictures, so I have not bothered.
We ran into all kinds of problems but are starting to make progress. The first problem was the retaining wall. I needed to sink a post by the wall and was going to do that but then I wondered if they counted the 42" from the top elevation or the bottom. Turns out they count the bottom, so we would have had to dig a hole about six feet deep. Yea... right. So we worked around that by moving out the wall. I was going to change it so that the wall was farther away from the hole and it would not effect the frost line of it. But as I was digging I found the foundation tile from the house right where I needed to dig. Hell. Bu then I got to thinking that I could run a post up from the od deck to the new deck to support that corner. SCORE! But that was another trip to the building permit place.
Anyhow, today we got some done. The posts are all set and I hope that it will start to look like we are doing something.

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