Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So the guy who bid 10 million..

The guy that bid 10 million bucks for the general lee has failed to deliver the goods and Bo is going to court.

Wow, the French economy got a HUGE boost today. Bill O'Reilly lifted his boycott of French goods! The funny thing is that our import of French goods is up quite a bit from the time he imposed it. What a dork. He did not lift it because it is silly to spread hatred for a country just because they did not back us on a war that pretty much everyone knows was bullshit. He did it because he likes the new president. Otherwise I guess we would still hate them for not being as dumb as us.

Okay, this is kind of hard to watch, but you gotta promise me that if you do watch it, you will stay for the finish. I promise it is worth it.

Worst Singer Ever Omazing Grace - Watch more free videos


stove said...

PCP been berry good to me.

Matt said...

Whew, now I can enjoy eating Camembert and Brie and washing it down with my private stock of Chateaubriand Rothschild '34 with a clear conscience.

Mon Dieu! O'Reilly is a fucking moron.