Friday, May 04, 2007

Say it with me....

-This is just wrong. WTF is coming of our country? Every damn time we have a tragedy in our country anymore, we start by over-reacting. In this case they arrested a kid for making a map for his video game? WTF? I know that every time some kid goes wack0 we all say that there were warning signs. But for every one that goes wacko there were 1.75 million kids that gave off a few of the signs too, but went on to become musicians, lawers, and even our current president. It is good that Tim Burton is not in school today or he would be somebody's prision bitch by now.

-It looks like the (almost) 10 million dollar bid on the General Lee was real. OMG. WTF?

-In case you have not read about the ass-hat judge that is suing the dry cleaner for losing his pants here is the story. Oh, did I mention he wants $65 million dollars.

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