Thursday, May 10, 2007

Or a can of spam?

"As unnerving as the Fort Dix terrorism plot was, it could have been all the more worse if the weapons of choice for alleged assailants had been .50 caliber assault guns instead of AK-47s," said Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, D-Mercer"
So based on that logic, NJ Legislators think they should outlaw .50 cal guns? Like a terrorist is going to come into this country and plot to kill people with a .50 but then stop and say, "No, Ikmaj, we better not do that. If we buy that gun we will be breaking the law. Lets go home."
WTF are these people thinking. I am not a NRA type, nor am I an anti-gun person. I am, however, an Anti-lets-over-react to everything and use far-fetched scare tactics to promote my agenda-type person. I heard this arguement a few years back and the anti-gun person went on and on about how much damage this gun can do and we should ban them. The NRA guy responded by simply saying that these guns weigh XX lbs. and are XX feet long. More importantly they have NEVER been used in a crime in the united states. 'NUFF SAID!

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